Crypto trader and analyst Tyler Swope is naming two free crypto airdrops that he says could be bigger than Uniswap’s massive UNI handout in September.

In a new video, Swope tells his 191,000 YouTube subscribers to prepare for possible airdrops from ETH-backed RAI from Reflexer Labs and their “ungovernance” token FLX.

“So what is RAI besides an Ether-collateral stablecoin? From the team’s description, ‘After almost a year of testing, simulations, and building, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of RAI. RAI is an ETH-backed, non-pegged stable asset whose monetary policy is managed by an on-chain, autonomous controller.’

It’s fully ETH-backed but it’s a non-pegged stable asset… RAI does not hold its peg to $1. What does it hold its peg to? RAI is a free-floating stablecoin so that is to be seen. But the initial launch, it was $3.13.

The crypto influencer reads a blog post from Reflexer Labs that hints at an incoming airdrop for RAI and FLX.

“’In the next couple of weeks, we will announce our liquidity mining program for the RAI/ETH Uniswap v2 pool. At that point, we will also reveal the Reflexer ungovernance token, FLX… In the meantime, we’re not saying that there will be retroactive mining rewards for the initial cohort of RAI/ETH LPs (liquidity pools), but we’re also not saying there won’t be.’”

Based on Reflexer Labs’ statement, Swope says it is possible for the protocol to airdrop FLX tokens to users who are providing liquidity to the RAI liquidity pool on Uniswap.

Another airdrop on Swope’s radar is PoolTogether (POOL), which he says has strong upside potential due to its connections to a prominent US-based crypto exchange.

“PoolTogether, the no-loss crypto lottery, airdropped their governance token yesterday… So, check your wallets and HODL this one because of who they are connected to. They were one of two projects a certain company’s USDC Bootstrap Fund invested into back in April of last year. The investor was Coinbase. The two crypto companies? One is a $6 billion market cap Uniswap and the other is the $15 million market cap PoolTogether. You get my drift? Coinbase is coming.” 

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