KuCoin is among a new breed of exchanges that are posing a clear threat to the old guard, by trying to provide a swifter, cleaner, and more economical trading experience for their users. Buying cryptocurrencies is now no longer a thing that is filled with hassles and logistical nightmares that characterizes the industry in its early days. There is a huge demand of cryptocurrencies worldwide, and no longer just exclusively for the main suspects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but trade is now a near universal thing for the entire industry, and KuCoin is one of the exchanges that is aiming to reflect that reality.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a Chinese based exchange that comes with a number differences from what the established older exchanges provide their users. KuCoin is an exchange that is built to offer its users as much privacy as possible when it comes to trading on the market, while also ensuring they pay minimum to zero fees depending on the stage of their transaction. KuCoin is also a crypto-exclusive exchange and as such no fiat deposits are accepted on the platform. It also has what is calls KuCoin Shares with which a user can either use to pay for their transaction fees at a discount, or buy cryptocurrencies themselves with it if they so wish.

Getting Started

Getting started on KuCoin is not as filled with procedures as on other exchanges. Some of the simple steps the user needs to follow include:

  • Simply navigate to the authentic KuCoin official homepage on your browser. You can authenticate the validity of the site by checking from its “Secure” certificate on the navigation bar as there are many clone sites trying to defraud people.
  • Bookmark the original site on your browser for future use, and click on the “Register” button on the site.
  • Simply insert your email address and password, and duly follow by authenticating same by clicking on the verification link sent to your mailbox.
  • Once you are verified, enable the 2 Factor Authentification 2FA using the Google authentication on your Smartphone.
  • Once this is done, go to the deposit page, and select the kind of cryptocurrency you want to make a deposit on and click generate address, which will give you the unique address to send your deposit to.
  • Copy the generated address and use it to send the appropriate amount of cryptocurrency from your dedicated wallet. Once the deposit is verified, you can go ahead and begin exchanging with other currencies on the exchange.

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