How long will my BTC transfer from Gdax/Coinbase to Binance/Bittrex take?

When you first transfer your Bitcoin from your Coinbase or Gdax account over to an exchange, like Binance, things can take a little while. Depending on network congestion, your BTC transfer can take anywhere from an hour to 8.

I know you probably want to get your funds onto the exchange as fast as possible – so in the future consider transferring LTC or ETH instead. Those coins generally offer much faster transfer rates.

Furthermore, the network transfer rates for LTC and ETH are significantly lower than for Bitcoin. However if you transfer from Gdax, you can waive those fees entirely!

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Do I have to buy a full Bitcoin?

You don’t have to purchase a full Bitcoin. When purchasing Bitcoin via Coinbase or Gdax you enter a dollar amount that you wish to spend. This will then be converted to some percentage of a full Bitcoin.

Use our Crypto Calculator to find out how much BTC you can get.

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is called virtual currency, but a better term is cryptocurrency. Unlike physical money, there are no coins or paper money officially produced. No government entity decides how much and when to release it into the world. Bitcoins are created digitally by people as they solve complex math problems with their computers. In many senses, it is truly decentralized.

One of the interesting things about this virtual currency is that all transactions are stored and published publicly. The currency is traded via a vast peer-to-peer network that encompasses the entire globe. While there aren’t a lot of rules regarding Bitcoin, there are some, and this helps with making bitcoins a genuine currency that works like “normal money.”

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Where Can I Buy Bitcoin With My Credit Card?

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card is easier in 2018 than its ever been before. However, with more and more sources allowing you to purchase Bitcoin via your credit card – there come more risks. Here’s a few known and trusted exchanges you can use a credit card with:

  • Coinbase
  • Bitstamp
  • CoinMama
  • Coinhouse
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Is it free to transfer from GDAX to Binance?

Transferring your coins from the GDAX exchange to  Binance is entirely free. The network transfer fee is paid by GDAX themselves.

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