Before delving into this topic, let’s look at PDF (Portable Document Format) for a second. Originally created by Adobe and since open sourced, this is a fantastic format to publish documents with text, embedded fonts, images, hyperlinks, etc.

The PDF file format has specifications on how to handle all these elements & is maintained by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Now, imagine an author who wants to publish a book in the PDF format. Would it be helpful for him to have access to the PDF specifications?

No, because he will need a program that gives him a GUI with which he can author his book and publish it as a PDF. It is impractical to expect him to develop this program himself because his expertise lies in writing, not software development.

So, the author ends up purchasing a program like Adobe Indesign, with which he can write his book and publish it as a PDF.

This is the problem with most blockchain projects.

What they offer are a bare-bones standard and some development tools. Any entity looking to integrate this blockchain into their workflow will have to do much of the development & integration themselves.

This is a huge hurdle for the mass adoption of Blockchain.

#ToolChain is to #VeChainThor what Indesign is to PDF. ToolChain allows any entity to use VechainThor very easily. It’s a #BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) solution offered by VeChain that allows their customers to leverage on VeCHainThor in an almost code-free fashion. Just like the author may customize his Indesign workspace to his needs, ToolChain customers can also tailor it to their needs. ToolChain can accept inputs from a variety of sources such as #IoT devices, #NFC tags, scanners, etc., and can integrate with the existing ERP systems of the client. It can even connect to supply chain finance applications, as implemented by @FreshSupplyCoAu.

Customers can opt to have an assurance module implemented, which is powered by @DNVGL. It even comes with apps for the client’s staff (To manage inventory, logistics, etc.) & the end-user (For scanning and verifying product data), both of which can be white-labeled.

Furthermore, Channel partners such as @DNVGL and @PwC_China create custom solutions based on ToolChain, tailored to the needs of their own customers. (MyStory, Walmart China) Blockchain is still a very young technology, and most companies do not have the in-house expertise to take a bare-bones blockchain and build a solution for their use case.ToolChain lowers the entry barrier considerably and is one of the several reasons why VeChain is far more enterprise-ready than competing solutions in the market. More info on ToolChain

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